A whole new way to control
heating systems in your buildings

And save 20% 
on heating costs (and carbon output)

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Over 1,200 buildings in the city trust us to
run their heating systems

From the smallest owners and managers to the largest

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We are the only company
that runs your heating systems
end-to end, 24/7

icon We designed the most advanced
boiler control and indoor
temperature sensor network
ever made

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icon Machine learning software
automatically calibrates the
control, by learning from
each building individually

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icon Our team of trained boiler experts monitor and respond to problems in real time, and notify you of issues as soon as they arise

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tablet, or computer

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See how our end-to-end boiler management service works

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We guarantee savings
or you get your money back!

We guarantee at least 15% in annual savings
- in fact, it’s written into every contract

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Calculate & learn about how much you will save with Heat Watch

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Save money and avoid hassle
by improving tenant comfort

When you run a heating system the right way, you don’t just save money, you provide better quality of heat. Heat Watch prevents both under-heating AND overheating, and we provide a verifiable online record of both. A higher quality of heat means more comfortable tenants and fewer complaints.

Josh Koppel
The Heat Watch team helps me save approximately 20% annually on our fuel costs. If you are not monitoring your heating systems you can be assured you are wasting money. This service is a great option for any owner or board looking to run a more efficient building and reduce unnecessary fuel waste.
Drew Posner
Heat Watch monitors all of our buildings' online heating systems. They ensure the buildings save fuel and operate efficiently, and are always available to troubleshoot and resolve heating issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Heat Watch different from other EMS/boiler controls available on the market?
Heat Watch is the only company that manages your heating and boiler systems end-to-end. That means we don’t just sell a control and walk away. We first make sure your entire system is operating correctly, then install the most advanced control and sensors on the market, adjust and calibrate them 24/7/365, and when problems arise, make sure they are addressed. The result is that we are the only company that guarantees results - improved tenant comfort, and a minimum of 20% in savings.
Why do I need someone to monitor and control my boilers and heating systems?
The vast majority of buildings are significantly overheated, wasting around 20-25% a year on fuel. That means tenants are less happy, and management is paying significantly higher fuel costs.
Why is it important to have a sensor network / temperature sensors in apartments?
Basing boiler output on outdoor temperature alone just isn’t accurate. Controlling the boiler based on the actual temperatures inside apartments is the only way to to prevent overheating (and wasted fuel), while keeping tenants comfortable and happy.
Can’t I just install a control / temperature sensors, why do I need someone to watch and control them too?
Controls only save around 7-10% per year. The act of constantly adjusting them, calibrating them, and making sure problems are addressed the moment they occur saves an additional 13-18%.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us to learn more

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