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Jeff Carleton, Cofounder
As General Manager of one of the largest building owners in NYC, I tried every boiler control, monitoring service, and energy saving product on the market. It wasn’t until we really learned how to effectively watch and control the entire system from the ground up, that we started to see real savings. The end result was a 22% reduction in heating costs, better quality of heat, and a 90% reduction in tenant complaints across the portfolio. We built Heat Watch for ourselves, but we offer it to everyone because it’s the right way to run heating systems.
- Jeff Carleton, Cofounder
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Founded by managers, for managers, Heat Watch was started in 2010 by Jeff Carleton and Lee Hoffman. Jeff was overseeing the operations of 150 buildings in New York City as GM for one of NYC’s largest management companies. Jeff spent almost a decade experimenting with every control and monitoring service available. The result was an understanding that individual components are only as good as the system and people managing them.

The only way to truly reduce fuel consumption, and ultimately save money, is if people, paired with the right technology, are watching, controlling and managing the entire boiler and heating systems of a given building. That’s why Heat Watch was founded—not to sell computers, software, or monitoring services, but to own the responsibility of running boilers as an end-to-end service.

To do this, we designed a complete end-to-end boiler management system from the ground up. We built the most advanced physical controls (heat computers and sensors) on the market, and paired them with machine learning software that communicates and automatically manages the controls. Meanwhile, our team of trained boiler experts watch and respond to problems, and train your staff to work with us. And our service team addresses physical issues as soon as we spot them. The result is a better quality of heat, happier tenants, and a significant reduction in fuel costs.

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