Why Heat Watch?

Heat Watch's team of boiler management staff, and advanced software, calibrate, watch, and adjust your boilers 24/7/365. The result is increased tenant comfort, and a reduction of fuel and water usage by an average of 20-25%.

How it works


We start by figuring out if existing Heat Timer panels can be brought online, and where new ones may need to be installed. Our complimentary boiler room walkthrough, and historical fuel usage analysis helps us identify inefficient buildings that will offer the best potential ROIs. Do you have buildings wasting fuel? Lets find out!


The biggest savings in energy efficiency comes from active monitoring. Heat Watch focuses everyday on making sure your heat timer panels are up and running, and operating as efficiently as possible. We work with your staff to constantly tune and optimize your Heat Timer panels and boilers, to find and resolve problems as soon as they happen, and to make hourly adjustments to maximize tenant comfort and minimize fuel usage. While you are busy focusing on your core business, we are focused on ours, making sure you operate efficiently and save money.


Heat Watch makes sure units are comfortable, but not overheated, through constant monitoring. At the end of the season, we present our savings analysis based on fuel saved taking into consideration the weather. Our typical result is 20% - 25% fuel savings. Often times the ROI is under 1 year.

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